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Magical Flying Flitter Fairies

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Fairy art dolls from all over the world.

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One of a Kind art dolls
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Fairy baby dolls, reborn fairy babies & tiny fairy babies.
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Adult fantasy & sexy fairy dolls.
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Fairies, dark angels and gothic costumed fairy dolls
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Current listings for Wendy Froud's art dolls.

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These are the good fairies the realms of light.


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Fairy art t-shirts, posters, fairy jewelery, figurines.

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T-shirts with fairies painted or printed.

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Edward, Jacob, Victoria & Bella dolls created from the characters from the Twilight series.

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Ney'tiri, Jake & other Avatar characters art dolls and figurines.


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Beautiful undersea mermaid dolls & figurines

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Fairy art from very inexpensive posters to valuable paintings

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The store listings include fairy dolls, fairy prints & photos, collectable fairy-a-bilia
There are fairy babies, full size fairy dolls, mermaids, fairies riding or with Unicorns, wizards, elves, gnomes and dragons.

These magical little imps & flighted elves have become one of the most highly collectible art genres. Collectors from all over the world have come under the fairie spell and the hunt for the newest releases from OOAK Fairy Doll Artists is ON!
The unbelievable detail work visible in the eyes, facial characteristics, hands & feet, clothing and accessories is very impressive. This is a miniature genre for the most part, though life size and medium size dolls are being made as well.
Some of the dolls are posed on natural forms, such as driftwood, stone or tree fungi. There are some riding unicorns or horses and others are mermaids, sparkling in their underwater world.
It's an enchanting world and well worth a visit, even if only to browse through all the art doll listings to see the level of talent that is going on today.

The Heather Fairy

The Heather Fairy

Price: $695.00
Susan Snodgrass fairy-rare one of a kind

Susan Snodgrass fairy-rare one of a kind

Price: $599.00
Buy It Now: $795.00